Warframe stream details Whispers in the Walls quest, cross save coming

by on November 27, 2023

Digital Extremes has shown off new details around the next major Warframe update, Whispers in the Walls, which is set for a December release.

The developer did all this as part of a DevStream, which was in fact the 175th one from Digital Extremes, and showed off a new enemy faction from the December update which will include a Grimoire Book weapon class, player hub, new environment tilesets, ally syndicated, and more, including a heavy attack system that’s been revamped.

Creative Director Rebecca Ford explained: “Storytelling is the heart and soul of Warframe. Our most memorable experiences as a team, and with our community, have centered around building this incredible world and taking big risks to continuously push ourselves creatively. We did not hold back with Whispers in the Walls – this Update will light the flame on our next narrative arc and take players on an evocative journey that sets the stage for a new decade of adventures in the Origin System”.

You can check out the full VOD here, but there’s an overview here, too:


Venture into the heart of Warframe’s proverbial big bang that kicked off every event in the game, the lab of Albrecht Entrati. A figure cloaked in mystique and allure for the past decade, players will finally get answers to mysteries and secrets they’ve been searching for. Navigate the crossfire between the Entrati and an enigmatic entity only known as “the Man in the Wall” and survive against a new enemy type, the Murmur, comprising amalgamations of inconceivable limbs and brutalist geometry.

Wield the true power of the Void in the form of a never-before-seen secondary weapon type, the Grimoire. Disperse eldritch blasts from the swirling pages of this unknown tome to send enemies’ limbs flying in all directions. Uncover new pages of the Grimoire throughout the story to learn more about its origins and spellbinding details of Entrati’s master plan across two new mission types, Alchemy and Netracells, as well as a fresh Assassination mission with new mechanics.


A further teaser will be shown on December 7th at The Game Awards, but the team did also confirm that cross platform save will be making its way to “select players” when the Whispers in the Wall update comes in December. The team said that “This new feature will be rolled out in phases to maintain a steady flow of players and conduct stress testing along the way. All Warframe players on all platforms are expected to have access to Cross Platform Save by the end of 2023 and Digital Extremes will operate with complete transparency to Community as the feature is rolled out”.

It seems like a lot of new content is coming as part of this December update, as there’s a new hub zone called The Sanctum, too.

Warframe is out now, and free to play.