Neon White Nintendo Switch and PS5 physical editions are on the way

by on July 11, 2023

iam8bit, Skybound Games, Annapurna Interactive, Ben Esposito, and Angel Matrix have today announced Neon White physical editions are coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 on September 12, with pre-orders starting from July 13.

Neon White is a lightning fast first-person action game about exterminating demons beyond the pearly gates. Players assume the role of Neon White, an assassin handpicked from Hell to compete with other (oddly familiar) demon slayers for a chance to live permanently in Heaven.

Players will be able to purchase physical editions of Neon White, featuring popular anime-inspired speedrun gameplay mechanics, for £34.99, which come with an original 11 x 17 foldout poster and artwork by character artist Rebecca Ryan. An iam8bit exclusive Edition will also be available through their official website for $44.99, including five Neon White anime-style “character peeker” stickers, an exclusive cover sheet by Ryan, a soundtrack by Machine Girl, and a region-free cartridge with worldwide compatibility.

Neon White has a 90 overall score on Metacritic, as well as nominations for ‘Best Debut,’ ‘Best Design,’ and ‘Innovation Award’ at the 2023 Game Developers Choice Awards, as well as a nomination for ‘Most Innovative Gameplay’ via the 2023 Steam Awards.

We reviewed the game over a year ago and said, “Neon White is a magnificent take on the FPS-genre, building complex and thrilling levels where simply pulling the trigger isn’t enough. It forces you to be on your toes constantly, and a single lapse of concentration will send the entire run into disarray. With an entertaining story and a loveable cast of characters, a gorgeous aesthetic and stylish design, Angel Matrix have made something that will be adored by a lot of people. Once again, Annapurna has backed the right horse, and I can’t wait to keep playing this for a good while.”

You can watch a trailer announcing the Neon White physical editions below:

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