Atlas Fallen | How to find Gauntlet Shards

by on August 9, 2023

Everything you do in Atlas Fallen is down to your Gauntlet. It houses the spirit of the deity Nyaal, and acts as the conduit for their powers. From combat to magic, the Gauntlet is the most important tool you have. But in order to make the most of it, you’ll need to find its missing pieces and then power them using lost Shards. These ancient artefacts are scattered around the word, but we’re here to help you find them. Read on to learn how to find and use Gauntlet Shards in Atlas Fallen.

Atlas Fallen | What are Gauntlet Shards?

In order to use a new Gauntlet power you must find the missing piece, and then activate it. Air Dash, Raise, Reveal, Unearth, Crush… these are all powers you’ll need to attach to the Gauntlet and then unlock using a currency called Shards. The path to unlocking them is linear, but finding them still requires a lot of looking and exploration. You’ll typically need three to unlock each of the powers.

Atlas Fallen Gauntlet Shards

Where do I find them?

The Shards can be found out in the open areas or in caves, sometimes up high, and will often require a specific activity to unlock them. They may require you to complete Sealing Totem time trials, or defeat an Elite Sand Wraith. You’ll know them as large black and blue chunks of rock suspended inside a series of energy rings that you can’t get through. Complete the connected activity to remove the energy rings and claim your prize.

How do I locate Gauntlet Shards?

Using Nyaal’s Sight highlights nearby Shards by revealing a plume of blue energy stretching to the sky. Simply hold down on the d-pad to activate the Sight, and then forge a path to the highlighted Shard. The Sight doesn’t last long, though, so you’ll need to reactivate it if you lose your bearings.

Atlas Fallen Gauntlet Shards

Often you’ll find the Shards you need fairly close together, or at least all visible from one another, so it’s not too hard to locate them. However, completing their associated task is often pretty tricky. Either way, you now know how to find Gauntlet Shards in Atlas Fallen.

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