Atlas Fallen | How to use Essence Stones

by on August 9, 2023

There’s an absolute ton of skills in Atlas Fallen. There are skills to increase damage, defence, and Momentum gain, or add new special attacks to your Gauntlet based on your current Momentum level. But in order to unlock them you’ll need to slot Essence Stones into your Gauntlet, and to do that you’ll need to unlock the necessary slots. Then to use the skills you need to build enough Momentum to activate each level of the meter. Unlocking the stones isn’t as straightforward as you might think, either, but follow our guide and you’ll learn how to use Essence Stones in no time.

Atlas Fallen essence stones

Atlas Fallen | What are Essence Stones?

Essence Stones are essentially skills and abilities. They get slotted into your Gauntlet and are then activated when you build Momentum. There are two kinds: active and passive, signified by diamond or square portraits, respectively.

Red are for damage, yellow for defence, green affect your healing Idol. Then there are blue, which affect Momentum, and purple, which deal with special attacks like slowing time and laying mines to damage enemies.

Atlas Fallen essence stones

How do you equip Essence Stones?

You must slot Essence Stones in the right sockets on your Gauntlet. Each level has one diamond slot for an active skill and two or three square slots. You can swap them out for no cost, but remember that to activate them – whether active or passive – you must build the Momentum bar enough that the icons light up.

Atlas Fallen essence stones

How do you acquire new Essence Stones?

You can either find Essence Stones ready to slot or Formula scrolls that require you to Fuse them using collected reagents such as plant matter and rare metals. You’ll also need a single Essence Core for each one. Cores are dropped by Elite Wraiths or can be bought from merchants – sometimes you might get lucky and find one in a chest.

Essence Stones can also be acquired in their complete form by defeating rare Elite Wraiths or completing side and story quests. There you go, follow our guide and you’ll learn how to use Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen.

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