Backbone announces new accessories

by on November 8, 2023

Backbone has today announced some new accessories, including the updated Backbone One USB-C controller and Carrying Case. Along with the reveal of the new accessories from Backbone, the app has also received an update to give it more of a “rich and interactive experience when discovering games across all kinds of gaming: remote play, cloud gaming, and the app store.”

The new Backbone USB-C controllers come in a PlayStation Edition White and Black, and work with both the new iPhone 15 series along with Android phones, and are available now at all major retailers.

These new controllers continue our commitment to impeccable design and further our spot as the leader in mobile and cloud gaming devices. Magnetic adapters allow for even better phone fit and a reshaped D-pad enhances responsiveness, resulting in superior feel and control across multiple genres of gameplay–all while still maintaining the form factor and ergonomics that players know and love. When combined with the Backbone app–which puts all of gaming in one place–it’s our most accessible gaming experience ever.

As for the new Backbone One Carrying Case, they’re available right now as well.

This lightweight, portable carrying case stores your controller safely and efficiently. In addition to the Backbone Black version, we worked closely with our partners at PlayStation to create the PlayStation® Edition of the carrying case in white. The case works with all Backbone One devices, including the new universally compatible USB-C products.

Finally, all Backbone users will get three months free with Apple Arcade, where players will be able to play everything there is to offer, with a choice of over 200 games, featuring new releases and award-winning titles like the recently released Hello Kitty Island Adventure, where we reviewed and said, “Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a charming game filled with copious amounts of content. It allows you to play exactly how you want to, with puzzles and quests that will keep you occupied for hours. There’s already so much to do, and I can’t imagine how Sunblink will continue to add more, but I’m definitely going to keep on playing. It does a lot of things better than Animal Crossing Island Adventure did, and not that it’s trying to be better than Nintendo’s wonderful life sim, it’s certainly something you should play if KK and crew were your jam. However, there’re a fair amount of similarities, and if you’re not one for enjoying cute and cuddly things, this might not be for you.”