House Flipper 2 trailer shows off story and environment

by on November 30, 2023

Ahead of the December release, developer Frozen District has put out a trailer for House Flipper 2 showing the story and environments.

This comes not too long after the Sandbox Mode reveal for House Flipper 2, and offers fans a “glimpse into the world of Pinnacove – a place with a rich narrative woven into the fabric of each location”, says the developer, adding “From the self-sufficient beginnings of a small fishing village, Pinnacove has transformed over the centuries into a bustling tourist hotspot. It’s within this context that players will undertake their home flipping ventures, influenced by the ambiance and history of each area”.

Check out the new video, below:


The design and atmosphere of Pinnacove and its environs draw inspiration from a tapestry of real-world locations and architectural styles. Players will explore the suburban tranquility of Pinnacove Suburbs, witness the touristic charm of Crayfish Coast, and venture into the serene Coralroot Forest, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.

In this game, each environment is not only visually unique but also enriched with ambient sounds, from ocean waves to forest whispers and suburban life, adding depth to the flipping experience. Every neighborhood comes with specially-themed furniture and decorative items, including reimagined fan-favorites from the original game. Building on the initial offering of 500 items in HF1, the sequel boasts an impressive roster of over 2500 items, enhancing the player’s experience significantly.

House Flipper 2 will offer a gameplay experience as nuanced as Pinnacove itself. Here, each renovation comes with a personal touch – homeowners share stories, providing context and depth to every project. Listen closely to their needs and the secrets they divulge, as these tales may lead to additional requests, enriching the task at hand. Orders arrive via detailed emails, and every home environment is a puzzle, with an unspoken story concealed within. It’s up to the players to observe, interpret, and restore not just the structure, but the narrative and soul of the dwelling.

“We hope players will feel more than just technicians; through the stories and contact with Pinnacove’s residents, we want them to feel like restorers of spaces with personal and communal resonance,” said Jakub Bujas, Project Lead on the game.

House Flipper 2 is out on PC (via Steam) on December 14th.