Victoria 3: Colossus of the South released on PC today

by on November 14, 2023

Paradox Interactive has announced that the latest region pack for its grand strategy game is out today: Victoria 3: Colossus of the South.

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South is also joined (as is often the norm for Paradox content releases) by a major free update that people will get even if they don’t buy the DLC. If you’re interested in that 1.5 update, there’s a 7 minute video that the publisher has released showing “the changes, content and more” for the patch, going from warfare, economics, diplomacy, and narrative content, just to begin with.

Check out that video, below:


“Even though it was something of a cult hit, Victoria has always had a special place in the heart of our community, and it presents unique challenges and opportunities for a designer,” said Martin Anward, game director for Victoria 3. “I am not sure anyone expected the series to still be a going concern 20 years on, but here we are, one year after the launch of Victoria 3, full of exciting ideas for the future”.

Here’s a list of the key features for the new DLC, from the press release:

  • Reign of Pedro II: Historical actions highlighting the reforms and ambitions of Brazil’s Emperor Pedro the Magnanimous, including the abolition of slavery and the modernization of Brazil’s economy.
  • The Old Republic: The power of Brazilian landowners and the emergence of the Positivist revolution against the monarchy.
  • Populism: Challenges to the agrarian oligarchy in Brazil from anti-government bandits and the populist Integralist movement.
  • National Awareness: Development of a unique and diverse Brazilian culture, as well as expansionist goals in Paraguay, South American unification from Gran Colombia, and Pan-National movements of the Federation of the Andes and Rio de la Plata.
  • Amazonian Riches: Exploit the riches of the Amazon while avoiding international conflict and national disorder.
  • New Historical Characters: Coup leader and general Deodora da Fonseca, populist dictator Getulio Vargas, and more.
  • More content for South America: New events and journal entries and flavour for many countries in the region

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South is out now for PC, and costs £4.99 / $5.99.