Christmas Gaming Gift Guide 2023

by on December 11, 2023

We all love finding something nice under the Christmas tree. Whatever age you are, there’s something inherently magical about opening presents, but it’s also great buying for those people you love in your life. This year, we’ve put together a bunch of cool gaming-related gifts for you to either buy for someone, or just treat yourself, because you deserve it! So without further ado, check out our Christmas gaming gift guide 2023 and find something awesome.

Turtle Beach Atom controller (£69.99)

Turtle Beach Atom controller

Whether you’re using your phone to play a game like Dead Cells as a native app, or using the Xbox app to remote play the latest Like a Dragon title, the Atom is a great choice to do so with. It’s a little different to the other devices on the market like this, in that it’s BlueTooth rather than “plug-in”. This means that whether you have a newer iPhone with the USB-C port, or the older Lightning port, you can slot your phone in, connect via BlueTooth, and play to your heart’s content. It comes with a charger, and pads to make the holster section the right depth for whichever phone you use. It’s also a lot cheaper than some of the more bespoke designs on the market, and while there must be some inherent latency due to BlueTooth over direct connection, we couldn’t spot it. It’s a chunky friend that slims down when not in use, comes with a carry bag, holds a 20 hour charge without affecting your phone’s battery, and is well priced. What’s not to love?

JSaux RGB Docking Station (£55)

JSaux RGB Docking Station

While there are official docks out there for Steam Deck, JSaux’s RGB Docking Station adds a bit of RGB-class and is usable for Legion Go and ROG Ally as well. It has a push out dock that your device can sit on, and includes 4K 60Hz support via the HDMI ports. It’s got USB-C for power in, and for your handheld PC to connect via, along with USB ports (3.0), and fast charging support. You can wire up to your internet too, via the Gigabit Ethernet port. Some I really appreciate about this unit is that if you’re using it in a home setting where other people exist, who maybe don’t play games, you can turn the RGB lights off, or adjust them to your liking. It’s a neat feature I didn’t expect to find, and has got me playing Steam Deck on the big TV again.

Persona 5 Tactica (£48.83)


From our review: “Persona 5 Tactica is unlike any other tactics game I’ve ever played, and is constantly throwing new things at you from start to finish. It has all the charm and style of a mainline Persona game, while providing a different kind of gameplay that I just couldn’t get enough of. There are very few casts of characters that I’d be happy to spend as much time with as I have Joker and the gang, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it”.

Roccat Vulcan II Max keyboard (£199.99)

Roccat Vulcan II

We’re into “main gift for someone we love” territory here, but the Roccat Vulcan II Max keyboard is stunning. It’s got brilliantly “clacky” mechanical keys, but has all the multimedia controls you’d ever want included, and a hefty slice of RGB goodness. There’s a translucent detachable palm wrist which mirrors the RGB you have on the keyboard itself, smart keys, four user profiles, and honestly, there’s more keyboard than you could ever wish for here. There’s not much more to add other than saying this is the elite of the keyboard world, and it’s also nice to see one that isn’t a dull black for a change.

Deep Rock Galactic – Ultimate Edition (£44.99/$39.99)

Deep Rock Galactic

We’re big fans of Deep Rock Galactic, so it having an Ultimate Edition is a great excuse to feature it in our Christmas Gaming Gift Guide 2023, really. A procedurally generated first-person title, it’s just so much fun with friends, and the Ultimate Edition includes art cards, a poster, and a welcome letter from “Mission Control”, as well as the Dark Future pack and MegaCorp pack, digital content-wise. It’s a game that’s been in Game Pass, and has been updated so much over the years, and always deserves more love. Rock and Stone, brother!

Displate (Various prices)

Displate Diablo

We’ve long been a fan of Displate, because let’s face it: who doesn’t like cool gaming art on their walls. We’ve used Diablo as an example above, but Displate has so many gaming art pieces you can choose from. From smaller indie titles like Celeste, to Elden Ring, Mario, Overwatch, Cyberpunk 2077, and pretty much everything else in-between. The pieces come in a variety of sizes, and you can can keep costs down by not including a frame, or choosing between matte and gloss finish. We’ve got a variety of them across the team, including the likes of Elden Ring, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy VII, and even fan created art for the Souls series, and every one of the art pieces is top quality, and looks great. For someone who loves games but is difficult to buy for during the holidays, Displate is a seriously great shout, and they ship stuff quickly and efficiently too, with everything you need included to hang your art on the wall.

Turtle Beach React-R controller (£29.99)

Turtle Beach React-R controller

While wireless controllers used to be all the rage, there seems to be a large move towards going back to a wire connection, at least for PC gaming, that’s for sure. Compatible with Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and Windows PC, the React-R comes in a variety of designs, has a decent D-Pad, and even has audio controls on the controller so you can adjust volume with any connected 3.5mm headset. You’re not getting Elite Series 2 levels of quality for £29.99 here, of course, but you do get two mappable paddles on the rear of the controller, which for the money, is a pretty decent addition. For the PC gamer out there who you can’t think what to get, this is a fine controller to have on deck, and is a worth inclusion on our Christmas Gaming Gift Guide for 2023.

JSaux OmniCase 2 Pro ($89.99)

JSaux OmniCase 2 Pro

There’s no way a hub like the JSaux OmniCase 2 Pro should be as cool as it is. Whether you want to use it as a Steam Deck dock, or a hub at your PC, it pretty much has you covered with everything you could want. It’s USB-C hub, with two USB-A ports, SD (and micro-SD) card slot, HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, and even an audio port for you should you wish to use it that way. But it’s also hiding a cool thing, as the top is magnetically attached and hides cables (and corner splitters, to make your setup that bit tidier) as well as a Sim card removal tool, SD card storage, and more. This thing slots into your pocket and is the perfect Laptop tool, and an idea tech gift, hence its inclusion in our Christmas Gaming Gift Guide 2023.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headphones (£279.99)

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headphones

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headphones are some of the most comfortable headphones you could wear while spending hours on your favourite game. While we understand they might be a bit pricey, you most definitely get what you pay for here. The clarity in the audio is so impressive, especially for wireless headphones, and the ease of set-up is also a plus point. They come with two batteries that can be swapped out quickly for when you’re close to running out, and due to the latest Bluetooth technology, the sound remains constantly clear, with the littlest detail in the game’s soundtrack and effects represented beautifully. This is thanks to the nanoclear technology, that provides excellent bass while pinpointing what sound is playing through the left and right speakers to perfection. They’re noise-cancelling, too, which is a big plus, and work wonders to block out those noisy neighbours.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (£12.99)

Xbox Game Pass Gift Guide

Ever since it first released, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has provided every first-party Xbox release on day one, along with new games being added all the time. You can purchase a console-only subscription for £6.99, or a PC-only subscription for £7.99. however, if you want the best of both worlds, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is what you want to be getting. This year, they’ve added some of the biggest games to the service, such as Starfield, Lies of P, and Persona 5 Tactica, and with 2024 just around the corner, players will be able to grab up-and-coming titles like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Lightyear Frontier, and Ark 2. It’s the perfect time to get it, especially for after that Christmas dinner where you just want to sit down in front of the TV.