Darkest Dungeon 2 first DLC released, adds two heroes

by on December 15, 2023

Red Hook Studios has released the first DLC for Darkest Dungeon 2, which adds two new heroes, among other things.

The DLC is called “The Binding Blade” and it’s available now (actually, on December 11th, but we missed it so wanted to make sure you didn’t!) and adds The Duelist and The Crusader as the two new heroes. There’s also a wandering mini-boss called The Warlord, and that’s just the start of the content.


Since the release of Darkest Dungeon II on May 8th 2023, the game has captivated players with its challenging roguelike gameplay. To celebrate the launch of The Binding Blade, Darkest Dungeon II will be available for 25% off on both storefronts during the Winter Sales.

‘The Binding Blade’ adds an all-new layer of strategy and danger. Players will face The Warlord, a new roaming mini-boss to encounter on your journey to the Mountain in Darkest Dungeon II. The DLC also adds two new playable heroes complete with a special unlock quest for the Crusader, unique trinkets, signature items and fully voiced backstories, including playable flashback encounters.

The Duelist, known for her disciplined combat style, can switch between Defensive and Aggressive stances, piercing enemy defenses and leading her team with strategic buffs. Meanwhile, the fan-favourite The Crusader returns with his righteous blade, excelling in front-line combat with healing and stress recovery skills.

Chris Bourassa, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Red Hook Studios said “The continued support for the Crusader from our community got us excited to bring this fan-favourite back. His updated design looks great, his skills are impactful, and his specialization paths provide a ton of strategic variety. But we wanted to go the extra mile and honour his status amongst our players, so we created a unique in-game experience to celebrate his addition to the roster”.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is available now via Steam and Epic Games Store for PC. The Binding Blade is 25% off now.