Extremely Powerful Capybaras released on PC today

by on December 5, 2023

PM Studios has announced its rodent-based-roguelite, Extremely Powerful Capybaras, is available now on PC via Steam.

The studio describes the game saying: “You’re trapped in a clearing, surrounded by hordes of bipedal fish heads and drooling zombies swarming around your every position, your defences running down and your every move tracked, traced, and followed. And yet, for reasons unknown, you’re exuberant, you’re energised, you’re having the time of your life”, saying it’s a new time survivor roguelite from Studio Bravarda.

Check out the new launch trailer, below:


Extremely Powerful Capybaras charges you with surviving for as long as you can, utilising the game’s array of capy-powers – each one attached to a diverse range of capybara heroes, boasting unique classes, weapons, and combat styles – to stay alive.

Fighting for your life in the midst of a chaotic bullet heaven roguelite adventure is the order of the day. Whether solo or as part of a four-player online or local co-op, Extremely Powerful Capybaras is the most fun you can have with a rodent, period.

Mike Yum, CEO of publisher PM Studios, said about the launch: “We can’t wait for players to get their hands on Extremely Powerful Capybaras”, adding “Studio Bravarda is offering up something that brings a new edge to the time survivor genre, adding excitement and creativity to ensure players enjoy a unique and thrilling experience with each and every single run”.

Here’s a list of key features, as well:

  • Unlock and unleash scores of different capy-powers tied to a range of different capybara heroes, each boasting unique classes, weapons, and combat style.
  • Take on the hordes solo, or team up with your capy-comrades through online or local co-op across three different arenas for a fur-ocious fight!
  • Mix up the perfect combo to complement your capy-build and make each run a unique and thrilling experience.
  • Spend your Capy-Coins earned as you play to boost your abilities, using the Upgrade Shop to pick up dynamic power-ups and upgrades. Enhance your gameplay, optimize your strategies, and unleash even greater capy-chaos!
  • Take on Frenzy Mode, allowing you to increase difficulty by adjusting challenge elements for greater reward.
  • Save your achievements with The Librarian to ensure every single moment of your glory is logged for all time.
  • Indulge in some capybara-style relaxation by chilling in the hot springs in between battles as and when you please. Savor the calm before the storm, as you and your companions gear up to showcase your Extremely Powerful Capybaras!

Extremely Powerful Capybaras is out now for PC via Steam.