Windblown is the next game from the team behind Dead Cells

by on December 8, 2023

Given that Dead Cells is one of the best examples of the genre it is from, Motion Twin’s newly announced game Windblown is very exciting indeed, and it’s launching in early access for Steam in 2024. It looks like we’re going from 2D to 3D, as well.

In Windblown players become “Leapers”, which the developer says are “warriors fighting to protect their home, The Ark, from the gigantic and deadly Vortex and its Sentinel minions”. It sounds like the game will keep the frantic and responsive action, as the press release explains that “players will freely dash through stunning open stages where each run is teeming with secrets to uncover”, while also mentioning you’ll be “challenged to overcome the odds in relentless battles against the Vortex’s Sentinels, hell-bent on taking them down and starting their run anew”.

Take a look at the first trailer, below:


Leapers absorb the memories of the fallen warriors who came before, learning how to master the fighting styles of their predecessors to unleash their full potential. Players will swap between multiple weapons and adapt to every situation by shifting their build on the fly as they progress through vibrant, layered environments. As players unlock more memories, they will be able to collect stronger and more complex weapons that will turn them into the ultimate killing machine.

Additionally, players can choose to go it alone or unite in online three-player co-op play throughout their adventures. Windblown’s combat is tough but always fair – every run is a lesson, so learn from your countless deaths, memorize enemy movements and leap back into action stronger than ever.

The team said: “We were craving a lightning-fast combat roguelite, but it simply didn’t exist”, adding “So, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted the game we yearned for; one that lets us dive into the action on our own, and with friends, whenever the mood (or too much pain) strikes!”.

Windblown will be coming to PC Steam early access in 2024.