Dead Cells is coming to PS5, will have haptic feedback and be a free upgrade for PS4 owners

by on June 27, 2023

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that Dead Cells is coming to PS5 on June 29th, and will make user of the DualSense controller’s functionality. The PS5 version will cost $24.99, and if you already own the game on PS4 it’ll be a free upgrade, with the PlayStation 5 version also being a part of PlayStation Plus at the “Extra” level tier.

The PS5 version of Dead Cells will have exclusive features, then, thanks to the DualSense, explained by Motion Twin, who says that you can “feel every enemy you take down with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers – for example: the DualSense controller pushes back if you try to use an item that’s on cooldown, providing a smart assist so you can switch up strategies to combat oncoming enemies. Additional lights and sound effects from the DualSense controller contribute to the atmosphere of Dead Cells and immerse you in entirely new ways”.


There is also a physical version of the game coming in August, on the 11th, whereby Evil Empire and Motion Twin has partnered with Merge Games for a Signature Edition of Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, which Mick reviewed recently, saying: “There’s something deeply fitting and “right” about this crossover. It’s not just that I’m a Castlevania fan, and it certainly isn’t the first game to crossover with Konami’s legendary franchise, but Dead Cells was always compared to Castlevania, and having the two meet in this way with such reverence on the part of Motion Twin is weirdly heartwarming. This is a bigger, more ambitious expansion than we’ve seen in this universe, and it proves without a doubt that Dead Cells – and Castlevania – are still very much alive.”.

The Return to Castlevania physical edition will have “a reversible retro cover, outer sleeve, gorgeous enamel pins, an art booklet and more”, while both that edition and the standard physical edition will include all of the DLC.

Dead Cells hits PS5 on June 29th, and is available pretty much everywhere else too, including on mobile devices – it’s also getting an animated series, too.