New Cycle gets new gameplay video

by on January 11, 2024

Core Engage and Daedalic Entertainment have revealed a brand new gameplay video for their upcoming survival city-builder New Cycle. Ahead of its release into Early Access on January 18, the video takes a dive into how production chains and settlement inhabitants come into play.

New Cycle is a dieselpunk-inspired city-builder with an emphasis on survival. You are the leader of a small group of settlers seeking refuge after a catastrophic solar flare desolated the Earth. You start with only a basic settlement, a few hungry workers, and many unfulfilled needs. Over time, as your population grows, new challenges for your colony will emerge — fluctuations in morale, disease outbreaks, power losses, and resource demands will all test your capabilities as a leader. Nothing is ever certain, but each new day is another opportunity to rebuild what was lost and return humanity’s dominion over the earth.

At the beginning of New Cycle, players have to restart humankind via a new cycle. Starting off small, the objective is to harvest resources and establish a foundation for survival whatever the cost. By rediscovering knowledge and research, new levels of technological advancements will unlock, and therefore expanding possibilities.

Players will have to explore regions untouched as resources begin to dwindle. By gathering resources and keeping your settlement fed and happy, you’ll start to see a once small civilisation thrive. Unfortunately, random events can occur which test your resolve, such as sandstorms disrupting power supplies and flu outbreaks, along with strangers docking in a mysterious ship and threatening everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Your people will get tired if you push them too far through overworking, and sickness can also impact them. Low morale leads to suboptimal performance, which in turn leads to supply and production bottlenecks. It’s yet another thing players need to work hard on if they are going to keep this new cycle going.

You can watch the New Cycle gameplay video below: