Arcade Paradise VR trailer shows off VR-exclusive cabinet

by on February 29, 2024

Wired Productions and developer Nosebleed Interactive have released a new mixed reality trailer for Arcade Paradise VR, which is due in Spring on Meta Quest headsets. The publisher has also announced it’ll have a 10% discount ahead of launch, too.

The trailer shows off the cabinet that’s exclusive to the VR version called “Future Home: Enter Reality”, which “allows you to place and play your arcade anywhere in the world”.

Check out the trailer, below:


Arcade Paradise VR transports you back to 1993 for an all-new immersive experience oozing with gaming nostalgia. Set in the rundown town of Grindstone, you play as Ashley, a rebel teenager going against your father’s wishes to continue the family business. Whilst each laundromat chore is fully gamified, from manually picking up gum, doing the laundry, and scrubbing a toilet perfectly clean – to throwing out the trash in a basketball-style mini-game, the hard-earned money from completing these tasks unlocks your real objective… buying more arcade units!

The reward is worth the grind with 39 fully playable cabinets each with their own gameplay, missions, and high scores to set. Inspired by 3 decades of gaming, delivering over 30 hours of fun, it’s time to strap on your latest virtual reality tech – because the future is NOW!

We adored the original game, too, with Chris White saying: “Arcade Paradise packs a lot in to its management-lite gameplay. Running the laundromat is so satisfying, as is building your arcade with new machines to bring players in. As much fun as I had doing this, I also loved the different games you can play as you go, with more being added the more you play. The repetition can feel like a chore at times, especially when you’re trying to make money, but it isn’t long before you’ve got a lot of money in the safe to be able to add and improve your business. It looks great, and has a banging soundtrack inspired by familiar tracks of the 90s, making living life as a thriving entrepreneur well worth all the hard work.”, and scoring it 9/10 in his review.