Helldivers 2 | How to get Warbond Medals

by on March 3, 2024

As with most live service games, Helldivers 2 employs a battle pass system that rewards you with cosmetics and boosters for playing. Importantly though, Helldivers 2’s battle pass, known as the Warbond, offers weapon unlocks that can drastically affect your loadout on both the standard and premium tier. To unlock anything, you’ll need a currency called “Warbond Medals” – and you’ll need a lot of them. Like, “a lot” a lot. Some single items cost 150 Medals. But how do you get Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2? Well, thankfully there are a few ways – and we know what they are.

Helldivers 2 | How to earn Warbond Medals

The easiest way to get your hands on Warbond Medals is simply to play. Most mission areas on the Galactic War map in Helldivers 2 have two different main objectives. Playing one will earn you 2 Medals, and playing the other will earn you 4. So squad up, dive in, and clean an area for maximum rewards.

Helldivers 2 Warbond Medals

Helldivers 2 | How to find Warbond Medals

A less direct way to get hold of Warbond Medals is to find them in the field. When in mission, cast your eye around for flashing golden beacons, marked by question marks on the map. Not sure very question mark is a gold beacon, but check them all out anyway. A gold beacon will lead to a downed drone, and saluting it will cause it to open.

Sometimes you’ll be rewarded with Requisition Super-Credits, but now and then you’ll find Warbond Medals. The number is random each, between 1 and 3, but you can often find multiple such locations per mission. Handily, no matter who finds and activates the drone, everyone in the squad will receive the rewards.

Helldivers 2 Warbond Medals

Helldivers 2 | How to maximise Warbond Medals

Now, the absolute largest source for Medals is completing the two objectives on the briefing screen. The top one is a community reward granted for liberating a specific sector in a given time as a community, and the most recent one granted a whopping 45 Medals. And everyone gets these, regardless of whether or not you actively helped in that sector. It’s a great way to laser focus the greater community and create a sense of camaraderie.

The second objective is a weekly challenge that you can earn alone or with a squad. Most recently it was getting 100 kills with the flamethrower, which counted for both my own kills and kills by those in my Squad. The reward for this was 15 Medals, and depending on the weapon or challenge could be quite straightforward to earn each time.

Which concludes our guide on how to get Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2. Why not check out our other guides, or read the review here.

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