Helldivers 2 | How to ping locations

by on March 3, 2024

Helldivers 2 has, perhaps surprisingly, taken the world by storm. As developers Arrowhead Games are still attempting to fully wrangle control of the servers, more and more people are jumping in alone or with friends. As a primarily multiplayer game, you’re going to want to go into Helldivers 2 with a team for the best chance of survival. But if you don’t want to chat on a mic, you’ll still find that communication is vital. Thankfully, there is a ping system both in the game UI and in the minimap – but just how do you ping locations in Helldivers 2? Read on to find out.

Helldivers 2 ping

Helldivers 2 | How to ping locations and items

So you’ve dropped into an active warzone in Helldivers 2 and the moment your boots hit the mud you’re in the thick of it. Simply coordinating with your squad can be hard, with or without a mic. You spot some ammo nearby but you’re full; or maybe you spot a point of interest on a distant hill; maybe an enemy patrol. How do you let people know clearly and quickly? You ping, that’s how.

I often call down supplies, take what I need, and ping the rest for my squad. Sometimes I’ll wander off alone (often suicidal in Helldivers 2) and find something I want the others to see. Either way, pinging an item or location in the UI is easy. On a gamepad you simply hold down the left trigger, aim at the thing you want to ping, and then tap either R1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox) to drop a tag. If you’re playing on mouse and keyboard, zoom in with your weapon and hit the Q key.

Helldivers 2 ping

Helldivers 2 | How to ping on the area map

This might be useful for marking where the extraction point is or simply for commanding your squad to move in a certain direction – maybe you’ve hacked a radio tower and populated the map with icons and you want to check them out. Simply press the View button on an Xbox controller, tap the touchpad on PlayStation, or hit Tab on a keyboard to bring up your minimap, then either move the cursor with the D-pad or the mouse, and press A (Xbox), Cross (PlayStation), or click the location with the mouse. This will drop a quick and easy-to-follow objective marker on the map and compass for everyone to see.

And now you know exactly how to ping items and locations in Helldivers 2. Have fun out there, and remember: the only good enemy of democracy is a dead enemy of democracy.

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