Helldivers 2 | How to unlock and use Stratagems

by on March 3, 2024

One of the most satisfying elements of Helldivers 2’s minute to minute gameplay is calling support. But rather than just pick something from a menu, it requires you to key in a short sequence of buttons to call in support. Stratagems can be anything from airstrikes to heavy weapons to reinforcements when a Helldiver falls in battle, and are utterly vital to your survival. But how do you unlock Stratagems in Helldivers 2, and when should you use them? Read on to find out.

Helldivers 2 stratagems

Helldivers 2 | How to unlock Stratagems

In order to unlock new Stratagems, you must earn enough Super-credits, identified as “Requisition” in Helldivers 2. Once you’ve earned enough, you need to visit the ship module on your Superdestroyer and navigate to the second tab, “Stratagems”.

These are separated into categories, and require both a set amount of Requisition credits and a minimum character level. Once you have reached the desired number and level, simply hold the acquite button to unlock the Stratagem and add it to your loadout options.

Helldivers 2 stratagems

Helldivers 2 | How to use Stratagems

Now you have them, how – and when – should you use Stratagems in the field? Firstly, consider what to bring with you. Ideally you want a loadout to consist of one heavy or support weapon, a tactical backpack device such as Guard Dog drone, supply pack, or jump pack, an orbital strike or Eagle strike, and a fortification such as a turret or deployable minefield. It’s best to coordinate with your squad to ensure you have all the bases covered, but really you just want to make sure you have something for every occasion. The flamethrower, for example, is superb for clearing bug nests and egg clusters, while you should never leave home without at least one orbital strike.

When you require a drop, either for one of the above, a resupply station or to reinforce (respawn) a fallen squadmate, you must enter the required sequence on your communicator. On controller, you hold down the left bumber and use the d-pad to enter the displayed code, while on PC you hold CTRL and use WASD – which is a fiddlier way to do it as it stops you moving while calling in support. Just be aware of where you throw the beacon!

And that’s how you unlock and use Stratagems in Helldivers 2. Why not check out our other guides, or read the review here?

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