WWE 2K24 | How to put someone through the announce table

by on March 5, 2024

We’ve seen it done a hundred times in WWE, but the simple act of putting an opponent through an announce table to always exciting to see. Pretty much every Superstar can do it in WWE 2K24, and we’ve put together a guide that will show you how you can create those iconic moments and put an opponent through an announce table yourself. There’s a little bit of prep work involved, but it’s well worth it.

WWE 2K24 Announce table: Store a finisher first

While Superstars don’t need to be damaged into the red, it’s much easier when they’ve suffered a bit as they can reverse or be quick to break out a grapple the less they hurt. You’ll need to make sure you’ve built up a finisher in order to perform it on the announce table. It seems to work a bit differently to last year’s, but the general rule is without a finisher stored, you won’t be able to do it. By successfully hitting moves and strikes on your opponent, your finisher gauge will build and build, and once you’ve got one ready, move onto the next step.

Remove the parts from the top of the table

You’ve seen those expensive monitors and bottles of water get swatted off the announce table before the destruction happens, and in WWE 2K24 it’s no different. Approach the table and press L1/LB to pick up the panel and remove the excess equipment. Make sure you do so when your opponent isn’t around (or at least stunned) as they can interrupt the process.

WWE 2K24 Announce Table Guide 1

Get them into position

The final step will require you getting the opposing Superstar to be leaning against the table. You can either wait until they’re parallel with the announce table and Irish whip them by grappling and first, but we’ve found it’s easier to walk them over to it as it gives you’re more freedom and accuracy. To do the latter, grapple them with Circle/B and then press L1/LB. Once done, walk them over to the table and lean them against it (this should happen automatically). As they lean against the table, press up on the right analogue stick and it will lay them flat on top. Climb up by pressing R1/RB and the option should appear to pull of your finisher.

It’s worth mentioning that some Superstars can perform aerial finishers through an announce table, where after putting them on the table you can run to the ring and climb up the top turnbuckle. Again, check each Superstar’s moveset to work out who is actually capable of this.