WWE 2K24 | How to springboard attack

by on March 5, 2024

Regardless of who your favourite Superstars might be, it’s impossible to deny how fun it is to see a suicide dive or tope con hilo get pulled off to perfection. How to pull off a springboard attack in WWE 2K24 might not be for everyone, but we’ve put together a guide to show you exactly how you can do so.

WWE 2K24 Springboard attack: Select the appropriate Superstar

Not everyone is an aerial genius. It would be unrealistic to see Andre the Giant plummet through the air from inside the ring to an unsuspecting Superstar at ringside. That’s why you’ll need to make sure you’ve selected the right Superstar. Most Cruiserweights are capable of springboard attacks, but you can always check their moveset from the main menu. We chose Re Mysterio Jr for the guide, but there’re plenty of others who have the ability to fly through the air with style.

WWE 2K24 Springboard Attack Guide 1

Run and dive

Once you’re in the match, you’ll need to make sure your opponent is at ringside. Sometimes they’ll come and meet you there if they get bored of waiting for you to return to the ring, however, you can strong Irish whip them to the outside by grappling with Circle/B and then holding in the same button once locked up. Then all you need to do is run towards the ropes in front of them (get a good run up first) by holding in L2/LT and pressing Square when close to the ropes. Depending on the Superstar’s moveset, you’ll pull off different attacks. there are also standing springboard attacks that don’ require a run-up. All you’ll need to do is stand next to the ropes while an opponent is outside, and these are more available across different weight classes. Experiment and find you’re favourite ones, but the actual act of hitting a springboard attack in WWE 2K24 is rather simple.