Deceit 2 released on PlayStation 5 today

by on April 3, 2024

After previously being a PC only title since its 2023 release, Deceit 2 has today hit PlayStation 5, and it’ll include all the additional content released so far.

This means the recently launched Werewolf DLC is in the PlayStation 5 version, and that includes “the Wyrtorn Terror, a werewolf, and the first Terror to be added since the game’s initial launch”, says the developer World Makers. The team says it also “includes The Chemist role, a neutral Curse that must poison all other members of the group to win the Ritual”.

The team says that “the new Project Wurgen map, available to everyone for free, is also here for the console release, and Season One, titled “Humble Beginnings”, kicks off today, bringing a myriad of new skins, loading screens, and more unlockables”.

Check out the launch trailer, below:


Deceit 2 is a matchmade social deduction horror game where two among you have been Infected. While the Infected do the bidding of the malevolent Game Master, the Innocent must work together to escape the Ritual and deduce who is plotting against them. Suspect someone? Rally your team to initiate the Banishing Ritual. To make things even more chaotic, you can now also play as a third team, the Cursed, who are solely out for themselves. When it’s time to Banish someone, choose wisely; a false accusation can sow seeds of doubt and turn allies into enemies. Your choices shape the game, making every match a unique battle of wits. Can you outplay the Game Master and escape the Ritual, or will you become another piece in his twisted game?

Here’s the key features for the game, from the latest press release:

  • Gripping matchmade social deduction game: test your strategic thinking and powers of deception.
  • Dynamic social sandbox: an ever-changing set of tools and scenarios ensure that every Ritual is always different.
  • Rewards that keep coming: progression keeps the hunt for cosmetics fun, and new Seasons bring themed rewards, both free and with the Season Pass.
  • Consistent content updates: nine playable humans, two maps, two terrors, and six different roles, with more additions to come.
  • Everyone is welcome: the Ritual is open for anyone who dares as the game is now free-to-play.

In our review, Chris White said: “The infected can become pretty powerful and much quicker, making your time in the In-Between a chaotic and brutal few minutes. Millhaven Asylum has been well-designed to provide every role with key areas to hide in, travel through, and find other players regardless of what your objective is, and the visuals are decent enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. While it takes a bit of time to get used to the mechanics and concepts, there’s a good game that will hopefully grow after release”.

Deceit 2 is out now for PC and PlayStation 5. It is coming “very soon” to Xbox Series S|X.