Minishoot Adventures | Best Upgrades to buy

by on April 2, 2024

Throughout your time in Minishoot Adventures by SoulGame Studio, you may come across Red Coins and are not sure what upgrades to buy first. Well, we’ve played through Minishoot Adventures multiple times to give you the lowdown on the best things your Red Coins can buy you, and what you should prioritise first.

Read on to find out the best upgrades to buy in Minishoot Adventure

How to buy Upgrades

You can buy upgrades using Red Coins at various vendors dotted throughout the map. Some vendors you will find by rescuing your friends via their beacons on the map. Others are hidden in secret shops throughout the world that you will discover as you progress.

Where can I find Red Coins?

Red Coins are found throughout the world in Minishoot Adventures. And your challenge is to hunt them down. There are a few different ways to get ahold of them:

Defeat large enemies

Most of your Red Coins will come from defeating larger, tougher enemies on your travels. They’ll often appear after waves of smaller enemies, taking on the role of sort of mini bosses. Beat these tougher foes to net some Red Coins. You’ll also get Red Coins after beating proper bosses too.

Shoot pots and other debris

As if Minishoot Adventures wanted to make another nod to the Zelda series, you can also find Red Coins occasionally in pots scattered around the landscape. So be sure to shoot everything you see just in case. And it’s not just pots, shoot everything that breaks, there may be a Red Coin or something else attractive inside.

Look for secret areas

Be on the lookout for illusory walls in the game too. They often hold secret caves and other areas which could contain Red Coins as a reward for your pixel hunting.

Minishoot Adventures | Best Upgrades to buy

Upgrade your gun

Minishoot Adventures Upgrade Gun

You should definitely prioritise upgrading your gun when you have enough Red Coins. Each upgrade increases the bullets you fire by one, up to a maximum of five, which increases your bullet spread and damage output at the same time.

Restoration Enhancer

Found at a vendor, in a tree,  in the Blue Forest area to the south of the starting village, the Restoration Enhancer reduces the amount of crystals you need to find to level up. The earlier in the game that you buy this upgrade, the easier you’ll find levelling up and can make your ship stronger.

For more information on what to level up, check out our levelling up guide here.


The Compass is a cheap upgrade, only costing 2 Red Coins, and what it does is indicate whether a cave or hole you have discovered on the map – assuming you have the map piece for that area – has been completed. And that means you have found everything in there that exists. If that is the case, you’ll notice the Compass adds a tiny tick symbol next to each cave entrance symbolising its completion. You then know to focus on those without ticks for hidden items.

Generic upgrades

It may seem obvious but you should always be purchasing the generic upgrades when you see them. Things like Map Pieces, Energy Batteries, and Heart Pieces should always be purchased as they make you stronger and more prepared for the rest of your adventure.

Ancient Astrolabe

The Ancient Astrolabe serves as a souped-up, but more expensive version of the Compass. It not only tells you on the map screen what your percentage completion of the game is – including collectibles. But it also tells you with big icons where secret items are still to be found, which is great for the latter part of the game when you are mopping up.


So now you know the best upgrades to buy in Minishoot Adventures.