Minishoot Adventures | How to upgrade your gun

by on April 2, 2024

Minishoot Adventures is a lovely Metroidvania twin-stick shooter from SoulGame Studio and whilst playing it, you may be wondering how to upgrade your gun. With so many enemies appearing in need of a quick despatching, it’s not a mad idea to be thinking how to upgrade your gun to make life easier.

Here at God is a Geek, we’ve played through the game multiple times and have all the information you need. So read on to discover how to upgrade your gun in Minishoot Adventures.

What does an upgraded gun do?

An upgraded gun doesn’t actually make your bullets stronger. For that you’ll need to upgrade your damage.

For more information read our guide on how to deal more damage here.

What an upgraded gun does do is increase the number of bullets you fire with each shot. At the start of the game, you’ll be firing one bullet each time. With each upgrade of your gun, the amount of bullets fired increases by one. This is maxed out at five bullets per shot when your gun is at level 5.

Minishoot Adventures | How to upgrade your gun

To upgrade your gun, you’ll need to first unlock the correct robot vendor. Check out your map and look out for distress beacons. These show what robots friends you can rescue and one of these will be the gun upgrade vendor.

With them unlocked, you can purchase the gun upgrades from them directly in your starting village. They will charge a fee of Red Coins which increase depending on the level of the next upgrade.

Where can I find Red Coins?

Red Coins are found throughout the world in Minishoot Adventures. And your challenge is to hunt them down. There are a few different ways to get ahold of them:

Defeat large enemies

Most of your Red Coins will come from defeating larger, tougher enemies on your travels. They’ll often appear after waves of smaller enemies, taking on the role of sort of mini bosses. Beat these tougher foes to net some Red Coins. You’ll also get Red Coins after beating proper bosses too.

Shoot pots and other debris

As if Minishoot Adventures wanted to make another nod to the Zelda series, you can also find Red Coins occasionally in pots scattered around the landscape. So be sure to shoot everything you see just in case. And it’s not just pots, shoot everything that breaks, there may be a Red Coin or something else attractive inside.

Look for secret areas

Be on the lookout for illusory walls in the game too. They often hold secret caves and other areas which could contain Red Coins as a reward for your pixel hunting.

Note: Unlike the level up crystals, you will need to actively pick up the Red Coins on the screen to collect them. The only time they will be added to your inventory automatically is if you can’t physically collect them, such as if they land in deep water you cannot traverse.

And now you know how to upgrade your gun in Minishoot Adventures.