Nightingale update includes offline mode

by on May 23, 2024

Inflexion Studios has today released a new update for Nightingale which includes various fixes and changes, including the highly requested offline mode. Update 0.3 also adds a build-from-storage option, dynamic tiered creatures, new Bound enemies, a community event, and more.

Set out on a journey of survival and adventure, into the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms of Nightingale! Become an intrepid Realmwalker, and venture forth alone or with friends – as you explore, craft, build and fight across a visually stunning Gaslamp Fantasy world.

The offline mode is going to make those who enjoy playing alone much happier, as there’s no need for an internet connection even during server maintenance. With the Nightingale update offering this feature, others are in development such as cloud saving, character migration from online mode, and a range of performance enhancements, all set to be revealed in the coming months.

“Since the Early Access launch, we’ve been hard at work implementing feedback and creating a better player experience overall,” said Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, “The introduction of offline mode is a significant milestone in the Early Access journey and one of many exciting updates we have planned for the coming months. We already feel like we’ve come along leaps and bounds since we launched just three months ago and we look forward to sharing more updates in the future.”

We enjoyed Nightingale when we previewed it back in February and said “Right now at around 15 hours in, I’m really enjoying Nightingale’s core loop, and the premise of Realmdiving and facing the unknown with nowt but a Victorian stiff upper lip and a kit-bashed crossbow is compelling, but it needs a lot of work before it comes out of early access. The crafting economy is just too complex and feels a little too much like busywork, while the Realms do start to look a bit samey after a while. The biggest issue though, is the combat, which needs considerable tightening up – not to mention the bugs and glitches. Enemies spawning inside mountains is all fun and games until you realise you need to kill them all to proceed.”

You can watch the Nightingale update trailer below: