Multiversus | How to unlock the Lady Banana Guard skin

by on June 3, 2024

You may be wondering how to unlock Multiversus Lady Banana Guard skin, and with our handy guide, we’ll explain exactly how.

Skins are often something you’re either interested in or not, but in this game the Multiversus Lady Banana Guard skin is essential if you want to get all the rift objectives complete within Joker’s rift. There is a small section that you can ignore if you’re not trying to complete every objective in the rift, but you will need Multiversus Lady Banana Guard skin to complete some of them.

How to unlock Multiversus Lady Banana Guard skin

To unlock the main Banana Guard character you simply have to log in for two days and claim your daily rewards. Lady Banana Guard is done in a similar way, only you need to log in for seven days to unlock the skin. It’s strangely hidden unless you’re reading the main splash screen when the game boots up. If you select Banana Guard in the character select and go to skins, it’s not there as a locked skin, it’s just as though it doesn’t exist.

So make sure you log in every day and register your daily login bonuses, even if you don’t play the game. Doing this will get you days towards your seven day login bonus, which is the skin you’re after.

Which missions do you need the skin for?

Multiversus Lady Banana Guard skin

In the middle of the chaos rift event there are three matches along the top section. One is against Stripe, the second is against Harley, and the third is against Banana Guard as a team, and you will need to use the Lady skin to get all the rift objectives of those three complete.

Any other information?

Multiversus Lady Banana Guard skin

While you’re doing the rifts and collecting your points, make sure you play in multiplayer with a friend. Doing this will net the other awkward rift objectives, as they all require playing with a friend in battle. If you’re unsure of how to do that, we’ve a guide here.