Multiversus multiplayer rift guide | How to bring another player in

by on June 3, 2024

Multiversus is back with single player content in the form of “rifts”, but it also has a “how to bring another in” quest, that can be a bit confusing.

It’s no secret that the rifts can be a bit of a grind in Multiversus, but playing with a friend is not only more fun, but it’s pretty much required if you want to get ahead with the next character coming to the game. You will also need to play a whole heap of rifts if you want to get a head start on unlocking Agent Smith. On top of that, completing daily quests will be a help towards upgrading your gems which, again, is a requirement to unlock the higher difficulties, and make it so you can complete each rift towards the Agent Smith rewards.

Every level within a rift has multiple objectives. You’ll want to clear out the dailies first, for gem upgrades, but you might have noticed they all have an objective saying “bring another player with you into battle”. This might seem simple, but if you invite a friend at the opening party screen of Multiversus, you’ll sometimes lose them when you select rift mode. Also this does mean that, yes, you have to play with a friend in the rifts to get all the rift rewards.

Multiversus multiplayer rift guide: How to bring another player in


First things first, go into your rift of choice from the main menu. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Chaos Multiversal Mayhem rift, or the Digital/Horror Rift Detectives one, or any future rift, for that matter. Enter it, choose your difficulty, then watch or skip the cut-scene.

Next, click the left stick in, which will bring up the social menu. Go to the friend you want to play with, and invite them to the game. You’ll see a message saying that your friend has joined.

Select a mission and you can play together. Job done, now you can finally check off those annoying “bring another player into battle” objectives. Then… do them again, on the next difficulty level, and so on, until you’ve done them all. If you want to unlock the Agent Smith rewards, you’ll have to beat the end boss of every rift on every difficulty, so you may as well bring a friend and collect other currencies via unlocks that way, as well.