Once Human is out on PC now, new trailer released

by on July 10, 2024

NetEase Games has announced its post post-apocalyptic open world survival game, Once Human is out now in most territories. Released late last night (10pm BST), Once Human is the fifth most wish listed game on Steam, and is out now for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

The demo was also the most played of the Steam Next Fest event, says the publisher, and the release has brought some “major updates including new crossover events, narratives, region and deviations, as well as welcome gifts and rewards to players”.

Once Human

NetEase says that: “Both pre-registered and new players can earn a variety of rewards. Pre-registered players can claim the AKM skin “The Call of the Giant Octopus,” a Meta’s Cap, a piece of furniture, and a pair of Dragon Fist Gloves, new players can complete missions or invite friends to join in order to receive gifts including cosmetic items and accessories – so be sure to join the official release to benefit from a host of rewards!”

Once Human is free to play and will immerse players in a thrilling, post-apocalyptic setting in which they join forces with other players to fight for survival and unravel the truth behind the ongoing cosmic invasion. Build sanctuaries, conquer terrifying enemies and see if you still hold the answer to what it means to be human.

A mysterious extra-terrestrial substance known as Stardust has contaminated the Earth, the planet has been reduced to a post-apocalyptic state and life, as we know it, is transformed into a twisted nightmare. It’s up to you, the Metas, to shape the future of humankind, whether you venture alone or forge alliances with fellow survivors.


Here’s some of the key features:

  • Explore a Vast Open World Teeming with aberrant creatures: On your journey to uncover the truth behind the apocalyptic horrors, feel free to join forces with other players to face the unknown and fend off rivals. Engage in heart-pounding battles where tactics, teamwork, and instincts are the keys to victory. Explore five regions, five factions and over fifty types of deviants across more than one hundred Strongholds as you traverse the huge open world expanse.
  • Immersive design and unique monsters: Experience top-tier visuals and cutting-edge 3D technologies like dynamic weather and ray tracing as you discover a world inspired by SCP Foundation, Lovecraftian Horror and post-apocalyptic aesthetics. Encounter unique “Anima” monsters like the Wanderer, a walking bus roaming the land, or the Ancient One, the flying beast beloved by many players already. Capture Deviations to assist your survival as you further immerse yourself with the Fitness System, Limb-based Combat System and Sanity System.
  • Explore the open world your way: Sanctuaries can be built anywhere in the wilderness and decorated however you like. Stash your hard-earned treasures behind walls and protect them with an arsenal of defensive weapons – anything goes. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild!
  • Open world survival and multiplayer elements are combined in Once Human, with the world able to support for up to 4000 players. Each player can influence the game world in real time as you choose to form alliances or wage war on other players.

Once Human is out now for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.