GameSir T4 Mini Multiplatform Gaming Controller review

by on November 20, 2021

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great bit of kit, no doubt. But it’s hardly what you’d call “portable”, weighing almost as much as the Switch itself. It’s also not great for younger gamers with smaller hands. And, yes, you can clip your Joy-cons onto the little adapter that comes with the Switch, but that’s just not comfortable for a lot of people. So enter the GameSir T4 Mini, a bite-sized Pro Controller that’s surprisingly solid.

It’s worth noting that the T4 Mini wasn’t designed exclusively for the Switch. The button placement suggests otherwise, and it has + and – keys and a screenshot button. But you can pair it with tablets, PCs and smart devices . It’s essentially designed to be used anywhere, dropped in a bag or satchel and used as an alternative to the Joy-cons.

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It comes with a surprising number of additional features, too. RGB lighting, for one. The buttons, sticks and D-Pad are all backlit with the corresponding colours, which is of course more for show than function. It’s quite a subtle effect too, which works well against the matte black finish of the controller body.

Unlike a lot of 3rd-party controllers it also features 6-Axis gyro controls, which work incredibly well with a range of Switch games. The rumble, too, feels good in your hands, although it can be quite strong, which is probably down to how compact it is. And, of course, it has a turbo button, something that features in so many 3rd-party controllers I don’t know why it’s not just a standard feature of all gamepads.

As for how it feels, well, your mileage may vary. For me it’s more comfortable than the Joy-cons, but my large hands fit the standard Pro controller perfectly. The sticks feel just stiff enough to be responsive, and there’s no stickiness or clickiness in the buttons. My kids have used it a few times for Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch and they love it. It sits naturally in their smaller hands, and when we’ve take it out on grandparent visits its been easy to drop into a rucksack.

The GameSir T4 Mini is designed for wireless play on any device, but it will need charging with the USB-C cable provided. There really aren’t any glaring downsides with this controller. If you’re an adult who’s happy with the Pro Controller, then you’ve no real need for it. But for younger gamers or those who move around a lot with their Switch or play mobile devices on the go, it’s absolutely worth the £30 asking price.

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