ROCCAT Kain 200 Aimo Gaming Mouse review

by on March 11, 2020

In these divided times where everyone has a hot take and the world can’t seem to just come together in a meaningful way, one universal truth unites us all: wires are a pain in the butt. The more accessories and peripherals we install in our PCs, the more wires there are coiled up or cable-tied to keep them at bay as they slowly mount a silent yet undeniable assault on humanity. So when I get the chance to swap out a wired product with a wireless one, I usually don’t mind taking a small hit in terms of overall quality if it means a slightly tidier workstation.

Thankfully with Roccat’s Kain 200 Aimo, I didn’t need to worry. An almost like-for-like replica of the Kain 120 (already a fantastic mid-budget mouse), the 200 does all the same stuff but without the cable.

It’s a durable bit of kit, too. Roccat’s impressive dirt-resistant finish gives the plastic an expensive feel, while the satisfying click of all five buttons and that warm, rubbery mouse wheel shwlowcase just how much effort and care this manufacturer puts into its products. If anything I’d prefer it to feel just a tad heavier, but it’s not light enough that I need to make any external adjustments. It feels comfortable and solid in my hand, and the “Titan” technology Roccat are so proud of deserves everyone’s praise. Clicks are controlled and the response is instantaneous, there are no accidental double clicks and I experienced zero input delay in the 60-odd hours I spent playing Wolcen and Path of Exile (both click-intensive games) with the Kain 200.

The 16000 dpi sensor makes it a highly precise mouse to use for gaming, too, and it fairly glides across the mouse mat (I’m using the Roccat Sense Aimo RGB mat, by the way). My only gripe, as small as it is, is that the on/off button can be a little hard to slide in and out of position, which sounds insignificant, and probably is in the grand scheme of things. Oh, and although there’s a slide-in port for the charger wire, there’s no little compartment to stow the USB dongle. It doesn’t matter to me as I’m using it on a PC, but if you’re travelling around with a laptop you’ll have to store the dongle in a pocket or bag, or leave it in the laptop port. It’s not ideal but it’s not a deal breaker, either.

Finally, the Kain 200 comes fully equipped with a gorgeous RGB lighting programme you can modify using Roccat’s patented Swarm software. I personally don’t really bother with it, but it’s an option if you get sick of the standard light patterns.

All in all then the Roccat Kain 200 Aimo is a fantastic mouse that, for around £80 – £90, will definitely improve your gaming. Its not the most highly functional piece in terms of the number of buttons, etc, but its smooth, responsive performance and high quality craftsmanship make it well worthy of a spot at the top of your wishlist.