Trust GXT 490 Fayzo Wired Headset review

by on February 25, 2024

I’ll admit I don’t often think too hard about what a headset is made from. I look at the aesthetics and the comfort level, obviously the sound quality, but don’t spare many thoughts for the material. The Trust GXT 490 Fayzo Headset though, gave me pause, because each one is made using a massive 85% recycled plastic. Maybe that’s not a big deal to you, but given how much plastic is used by the games accessories industry per year, having an entire range built from mostly recycled plastic is a big deal.

It also helps that the Trust GXT 490 Fayzo Headset is a pretty decent option for those looking for an affordable pair of earphones. The 7.1 surround sound offers crisp, clear audio, while the RGB lighting system completes the look. I can live without RGB on headsets, since I can’t personally see them when I’m wearing them, but it’s a solid option for streamers.

Trust FayzoThe Fayzo are wired, too, which some find restrictive. On the plus side you won’t need to charge them, and the slim, manageable wire is 1.2m long, so it’ll rarely get in your way or restrict your movements. All in all it’s a good-looking headset, with a simple black finish offset by the lighting, and a comfortable headband that I was happy to wear for several hours during extended sessions. A standard 3.5mm jack means they’re compatible with most devices, or you can connect it to your mobile device by USB.

For your convenience, the Trust GXT 490 Fayzo comes with downloadable software that allows you to adjust EQ levels and modify the lighting pattern. Straight out of the box the sound quality is decent, but these are a budget model and are unlikely to compete with higher tier headsets like the RIG 900 Max HX. For around £35 at the time of writing, though, they’re more than robust enough.

It’s hard to criticise a lower-priced headset like this when it offers such simple, undeniable functionality. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of higher-priced models such as adjustable EQ on the cups, or bluetooth pairing, but has little bonuses like a detachable mic and the aforementioned RGB lighting. Ultimately if you’re after a straightforward headset that offers solid performance – and does a little bit for the planet at the same time – you could do much worse than the Trust GXT 490 Fayzo.


Good audio quality
Made with recycled material
Affordable price


Wired as standard
No onboard EQ dials

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In Short

If you want a cheap headset that offers solid performance, and does a little bit for the planet at the same time grab the Trust GXT 490 Fayzo.