Trust Tyro Full HD Webcam review

by on November 1, 2022

Usually when it comes to webcams I stick with Logitech or AverMedia, simply because I’ve never had any issues with either brand and always find their products reliable. However, they can be pricey – and sometimes come with more extras than you need. You might just be after a simple, budget device that lets you stream without issue. If that’s the case, the Trust Tyro Full HD webcam might be just the budget camera you’re looking for.

Before we get to deep into the review, it’s worth noting that this is very much a budget model. The Trust Tyro Full HD webcam retails for around £20, which is very low for a webcam. The result is a device that’s easy to use, but is remarkably no-frills. The image it kicks out is decent, but there’s a fair bit of grain regardless of your ambient light.

If you’re after a camera for zoom meetings or long-distance chatting, maybe just to stream a little, then for twenty quid this is pretty risk-free. But if you’re looking for higher video quality or extra functions, you’ll need to shop elsewhere.

The Tyro is decent looking, with a flat front face and a central eye. There’s no cap to cover it when you’re not recording, and no LED indicator to let you know when it’s on – so be careful not to leave it broadcasting while you’re singing into a mop or whatever you do in your own time.

It clips easily onto the top edge of a monitor or laptop, or you can mount it to the included tripod if you prefer. Either way it’s very easy to plug in and use. While it does boast 1080p resolution, wide angle recording if you need it, and automatic white balance, it still won’t match higher-priced webcams in terms of quality. For £20 the Trust Tyro Full HD webcam is more than decent, but don’t pick it up expecting to be blown away.