Trust GXT Velica microphone review

by on November 1, 2022

These days, a huge percentage of gamers choose to stream their content, either to make a living on platforms like Twitch or just for fun. While professionals may well go for the most expensive or flashy set-ups, smaller, more casual streamers often want to cobble together a set-up for a few hundred quid. It’s the latter crowd that the Trust GXT Velica microphone is aimed at.

This dinky little mic won’t take up much space in a set-up, requires almost zero tech knowledge to use, and costs about £50. There are cheaper budget models, for sure, but the quality you get for what you pay here is pretty damn good.

Before I even get into the sound quality, I just want to give Trust props for the design. The Velica is nothing short of, well, elegant. It’s about five inches long, as thick as a cigar, and looks absolutely cracking in its rubber-toed tripod stand. There’s a pop filter on the stand adorned with an unobtrusive Trust logo, and the slim USB-C cable plugs straight into the bottom end.

The quality, thankfully, is pretty good. It’s a reliable mic and the pop filter does a great job of smoothing out those Ps and Ts. If anything it’s almost too simplistic a design. If you’re used to mics that let you adjust audio gain or switch recording patterns, you’ll find this either too simple or simply lacking. You can’t adjust volumes on the device itself, although the cardioid pattern is the most commonly used for solo streamers and broadcasters anyway, so you might never feel the need to change anything.

If you’re looking for a decent mic that will slot neatly into your set-up, provide high-quality broadcast audio, and is simple and straightforward to use, you can’t do much better than the Trust GXT Velica microphone. It’s small, affordable, and provides excellent quality for its price range. It’s sometimes nice to have all the extra bells and whistles, but for more casual streamers and podcasters, this will more than suffice.

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