JLABS JBuds Work Wireless Over-Ear Headset review

by on January 25, 2024

Sometimes you just want a set of headphones that are reliable. No thrills or fancy buzzwords, and not some that set you back a couple of hundred pounds. The JLAB JBuds Work Wireless Over-Ear headset manages to provide stability and comfort, along with an easy set up and a great sound, all for a reasonable price. Whether you’re using them for office use or business on the go, listening to your favourite tracks or gaming, there’re plenty of benefits to using JLABS’ efficient and trustworthy headset.

I don’t always like to rush out a review for tech like headsets because the real worth in them is their performance over time. The longevity of the JBuds Work Wireless Over-Ear headset has been great so far. Since owning them for almost two months, I’ve charged them once, and it was only because I’d used them for about a week straight out of the box. Every time I’ve used them since, the automated voice after turning them on has told me the battery is full, which is staggering for saying I use them for around an hour every day.

JLABS JBuds Work Wireless Over-Ear HeadsetThe JBuds Work Wireless Over-Ear headset is comfortable to wear and work efficiently wherever you plan to use them. If you’re wanting to use them for music or podcasts on the way to work, the microphone can be pushed into the headset so you don’t look like some snobby businessperson with a Bluetooth headset on. It’s a small yet smart feature that adds to the cleverness of its design, and thankfully the headset gets even better when you look at the other features it offers.

I’ve used them quite a lot for press events over Discord and communicating on the go with people, and the quality of sound is excellent. They can be plugged in via a USB to 3.5mm cable that comes with it, but it’ easy to connect via Bluetooth. Not only that, but the headset can connect to two devices at the same time, meaning you can switch between your phone to PC or gaming system without issue. When it comes to the office setting if that’s somewhere you’re planning on using them, or even at home and keeping one ear on the dog or the kids, the left earcup can be removed.

You literally slide it off and it’s good to go. Alternatively, if you need to focus and want to block out every sound other than the phone call or whatever it is your doing, the noise-cancelling technology manages to block out most sounds from the world. It’s not as good as some of the more expensive models, and you might get a bit of bleed through, but nothing to cause concern. What is important is the clarity of sound while wearing them, and that’s one of the plus points of the headset.

The JLAB JBuds Work Wireless Over-Ear headset is reasonably priced, but it also has a ton of features regardless of what they’re being used for. One of the only downsides is they do feel a little delicate, lacking the sturdiness of other headsets on the market. Whether you’re wanting them for office calls or international meetings over zoom, listening to music on the way to work, or are looking for something that does it all with clear sound, decent noise-cancelling technology and quick connectivity, these are definitely ones you’ll want to take a look at.


Clear sound
Easy to connect
Great battery life


Not as sturdy as others

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In Short

The JLAB JBud Work Wireless Over-Ear headset is reasonably priced, featuring clear sound and some impressive features for those on a budget.