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Eve Online’s ‘Summer of Sov’ Begins With The Roll Out of Carnyx

by Richard Simpsonon June 3, 2015
I bought my first real hyperdrive, in the summer of soventy nine..

Mosaic Release Comes to EVE Online

by Nick Gillhamon April 29, 2015
Would you Adam and EVE it?

Dust 514 Review

by Mick Fraseron May 30, 2013
Is meta better?

DUST 514 Release Date Confirmed

by Adam Cookon April 29, 2013
CCP Games have finally confirmed the exact release date for free-to-play FPS, DUST 514.

New Dev Diary for Dust 514 Looks at Dropsuits & Fittings

by Robin Parkeron March 7, 2013
A new dev diary from CCP for their free-to-play MMO shooter, DUST 514, gives you a dev's-eye view of dropsuits and fittings.