A Celebration of GTA V’s Music: 3 Volume Album Hits iTunes

by on September 24, 2013

Everyone’s still talking about GTA, right? Good. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V, there’s predictably been all manner of praise floating around the internet — a sizeable chunk of which has concerned the excellent use of music.

Grand Theft Auto is a series famed for it’s smartly observed use of music, with many gamers’ key moments in the series history inextricably tied to the soundtrack.

Bringing together three volumes of GTA V’s famously evocative soundtrack, The Music of Grand Theft Auto V is a showcase of the broad range of music used in Rockstar’s latest. Volume 1 is full of original music by artists such as Tyler, The Creator — music created specifically for the game. Volume 2 is the score: the original cinematic orchestral compositions. Volume 3 is a selection of licensed tracks, the ones you’ll hear blaring on the various radio stations as you drive like a lunatic through Los Santos.

The volumes can be nabbed separately for £7.99 a pop, or you can lay down £17.99 for all three. The Music of Grand Theft Auto V is available on iTunes right now. Go to the official Rockstar soundtrack page for more info.