Xbox One Going On A World Tour

by on October 1, 2013

Microsoft is taking its new console, the Xbox One, on tour across the world to give gamers a chance to experience all of its next-gen goodness before it launches. The tour takes the form of three experiences, the Area One Tour, Test Drive and the Xbox One Booth.

The Area One Tour will visit a number of major cites across Europe and the US during October and November. The event will give people the opportunity to try out titles such as Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and my personal favourite Xbox One title, Zoo Tycoon as well as others. The full list of Area One locations can be seen below.

Test Drive will bring the Xbox One to over 175 locations across the UK, France, Germany, US and Canada in the form of customised Xbox One vehicles. The exact locations and dates are yet to be revealed by they will include festivals, university campuses, and retail centres.

The Xbox One Booth, which has just been in London for the Eurogamer Expo, will be present at the Milan Games Week in Italy (Oct 25th – 27th), the Paris Games Week in France (Oct 30th – Nov 3rd) and finally at the Madrid Games Week in Spain (Nov 7th – 10th)

Area One Tour Dates

  • Philadelphia               3.10 – 6.10
  • Paris                            10.10 – 13.10
  • Toronto                      10.10 – 13.10
  • Chicago                      17.10 – 20.10
  • Vienna                        17.10 – 20.10
  • Atlanta                        24.10 – 27.10
  • Dallas                          31.10 – 3.11
  • Berlin                          31.10 – 3.11
  • Phoenix                      7.11 – 10.11
  • San Francisco            14.11 – 17.11
  • Dublin                         14.11 – 17.11
  • Los Angeles               21.11
  • London                       21.11 – 24.11