Thief Video Series Starts With “Basso’s Gamble”

by on November 3, 2013

Due out in February 2014 for Current and Next-Gen consoles, Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix have started a new series of Thief videos, and we’ve got part one for you to enjoy, called “Basso’s Gamble”.

Each trailer in this new series tells the story of the City from the perspective of a different character in THIEF’s narrative describing what life is like in the broken, repressed City that is being ravaged by the evil Baron Northcrest and the mysterious sickness known as ‘The Gloom’.

“Now I get others to do the hard work. ‘Cause I’ve got the contacts.
If you’re a wrong ‘un, chances are you know me.
Maybe you owe me. Maybe I owe you.

Now it’s a different. We’re all in the same shithole.
The Gloom’s got the City by the neck; The Watch has got it by the balls.
The City’s dying, right enough.
But maybe there’s a fella I know who can steal back its life.”

The first trailer focuses on Basso, a former boxman (safe-cracker) turned fence, who uses his vast connections to The City’s underworld to organise thieving jobs for Garrett. He owns an intelligent, but bad tempered magpie called Jenivere who delivers messages for him. Garrett might consider himself a loner, but Basso is the nearest thing he has to a friend. And whether he readily admits it or not; he rather likes the fellow.

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