For Your Amusement: Superman 64

by on March 28, 2014

For Your Amusement is a video series in which I, Colm Ahern, play a video game for a considerable amount of time, chop up the video into something easily digestible for the lovely YouTube audience and then share it with the entire world, every Friday.

Infamous: Second Son is the latest superhero-like video game to be released, so it seems natural to play Superman 64, this week. I regret that decision.

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  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    I know Colm Ahern very well. Wow. That is not “TV rage”, that’s REAL shit.

  • Tom Regan

    Haha, this is amazing.

  • Chris


  • Rotmm

    Was watching it at my 6 year old walked into the room behind me without me hearing. “Is that Superman?” he asks sweetly. “You Bastard!” Colm replied.
    Quickly turned off, “But I want to watch the Superman story” ;)