EA Announce Battlefield Hardline: Live and a Chance For You to Win £10,000

by on February 24, 2015

EA, who will be publishing the incoming cops v robbers shooter, Battlefield Hardline, have announced Battlefield Hardline: Live, an immersive experience which will allow you step inside the world of Hardline and give you a chance to pull of your own heist and win £10,000.

Having teamed up with immersive theatre company differenceEngine, and using a ‘secret’ underground location in London, they hope to offer an experience that will recreate the intensity and adrenaline of the game.

You’ll be briefed by a criminal overlord before entering the location and then, under the surveillance of guards and security cameras, you and your crew must pit yourselves against other crews, navigate your way around and escape with the cash.

The experience is open from March 18th-25th and you can apply for a place by visiting the Battlefield Hardline: Live website by clicking here.

If you’re picked, you’ll win a place for yourself and four other friends who can join you on your quest to steal the bounty. It will be a one hour long, controlled experience, with the winning crew walking away with £10,000. You, the crew leader, must then decide whether to share it with everyone else or not.

A trailer for Battlefield Hardline: Live can be watched below:

Battlefield Hardline releases on March 20th, and you can also check out our impressions from the game’s beta here:

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