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E3 2009: Lionhead “Project Milo” footage

by on June 2, 2009

Yesterday we briefly mentioned the slightly creepy yet  strangely interesting  interactive demo that was shown off during Microsoft’s E3 conference called Milo. Peter Molyneux went on about how this is the future of gaming and how Project Natal (the 360’s motion sensing camera) has allowed it to become reality. Well you can decide for yourself if he is indeed correct, check out the video below.

  • Well what did you think?! The idea is pretty cool in theory but it just looks way too creepy in reality. The part with paper was pretty good though and we would like to see that idea (or similar ones) expanded on in an actual game scenario. We’re on the fence with this, mainly because the whole idea of a computer character as a friend is just a little too much to process. The actual demo looked rather staged and set-up too, so we would have to see and interact with Milo in person (even saying that sounds weird) to give our true opinions.