E3 2009: Sam Fisher’s gone rogue

by on June 2, 2009

Yesterday at the Microsoft press conference and later at Ubisoft’s, shall we say, LESS entertaining press conference, new Splinter Cell Conviction gameplay was demoed. Now we at GodisaGeek love the Splinter Cell franchise but as of late it has probably reached a point where it needed something fresh to reinvigorate the series as we are now reaching the fourth installment. So Sam Fisher is back ladies and gentleman and he certainly has changed a bit, personality wise anyway. No more fun loving, quip dispensing, law abiding Sam (ok so maybe he was never fun loving but you get the idea). His daughter has been murdered and in typical fashion he sets off on a brutal mission to find out who is to blame. The video you see below can also be found on XBL Marketplace and there is an extended version too at SplinterCell.com but here it is right now for your viewing pleasure.

  • Now I don’t know about you but us guys at GodisaGeek love to see guys smack the crap out of each other (don’t you?!) and the opening scene is just that. According to Ubisoft, this is Fisher’s new interrogation procedure, which seems to follow the lines of “shoot first ask questions later”. It seems that the whole environment is interactive in the opening scene as you see Fisher smash his victims head of just about everything to get him to spill the beans. Mission objectives will now be displayed in-game on the actual environment (looks like Dead Space started a new trend) to keep immersion and there is a “new” marking system for breaching rooms. This seems to ripped straight out of one the other popular Tom Clancy games, Rainbow Six . Saying that though, we enjoyed every second of the gameplay demonstration and hopefully we’ll get to see more real soon.

    Splinter Cell Conviction is due out later this year.