FIFA 10 cover stars revealed

by on August 5, 2009

We don’t usually post game box art but an exception can be made for a football game I think. EA have today unveiled the official cover stars and box art for the upcoming FIFA 10. The cover will be graced by three of the most well known Premier League players. Once again we see Mr Rooney return (sporting the not so nice new Man Utd top) but this time he will be joined by Theo Walcott and Frank Lampard.

All three footballers are pleased to be on the front cover with Walcott adding it is a “huge honour” to be appearing next to players like Rooney and Lampard. Apparently he even enjoys playing FIFA himself and has a few matches in the dressing room against his Arsenal team-mates. Could this be a reason for the sub-par Arsenal performances over the last few seasons?! Late night Arsenal FIFA sessions! You heard it first here folks 😀

FIFA 10 is due to be release on October 2nd for all formats.