A Week in Gaming With Aryel Abrahami

by on August 22, 2010

It would seem that we have gone full circle with our “Week in Gaming” feature and it is once again my time to bring you my week in gaming. Last week Adam Cook told us all about his new found love, StarCraft II and those pesky kids on Xbox Live. This week I will be discussing the going ons at this years Gamescom, the ongoing battle between PES and FIFA and capping off with some Cataclsym Beta talk.

Who am I? Oh wait… we already did this, check out my first week in gaming here.

GamesCom 2010 – Gamescom, or is it GamesCom, gamesCom, gamescom? Who knows? Anyway our gamescom 2010 page can be found here, myself and Aaron have been posting the bulk of the news whilst Asim and Calvin have been living it up in Cologne playing the latest and greatest games.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massive upcoming MMO and yes it was at the show, so much is still unknown about Biowares MMORPG but every nugget of news sounds so promising. Calvin was lucky enough to get some hands on time with the game, you can check out his article here.

PES vs. FIFA – Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and FIFA 11 featured heavily at this years gamescom, both games are ready to do battle in the first week of October but which game will I be buying? Well, back in the day all I played was PES, from the ISS days, to the first PES on the PS2 and then PES 2008 on the PS3. Things took a turn for the worse with the arrival of the next-gen consoles, FIFA evolved whilst PES stood still. 09 and 10 were definitely FIFA years for me, I still played a bit of PES but was unimpressed by what I saw.

Fast forward to today and things have changed a little, I have had some lengthy sessions with PES 2011 (impressions here and here) and I can say that the game is much improved. Whilst I have only played some preview code, Asim has been lucky enough to get some hands on time with the final code and assures us that PES 2011 is “sexual”, his words not mine!

As for FIFA11, I have not had the privilege of playing EA’s latest football simulation but that should change tomorrow when I head down to the Woolwich Wanderers stadium (Ars*nal) for a special preview event. Asim got his fill of FIFA11 at gamescom and it seems like we will be getting more of the same from EA with some much needed improvements across the board.

So to answer the earlier question, which game will I be buying? Well, I will most likely be purchasing both. Which game will I play the most though? Only time will tell.

Cataclysm Beta – The Cataclysm beta has been evolving from day one and the changes are constantly ongoing, you may wonder where the live streams have gone? I managed to get my main character stuck in a portal to Moonglade for about a week, luckily Blizzard were aware of the problem and released the level 82 Paladin on Saturday so I can once again roam a Cataclysmic Azeroth.

The Cataclysm Beta has some nice new features and we want to show you all of them, we have some interesting ideas for the live stream so stay tuned for further updates.

Asim Tanvir will be bringing you his week in gaming next week, only here at GodisaGeek.com

You can get in contact with me via e-mail aryel[at]godisageek.com or on twitter @AryelAbrahami.

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