Cut The Rope Review

by on October 24, 2010

Game: Cut the Rope

Publisher: Chillingo

Developer: ZeptoLab

Available on: iOS, coming soon for Android (Reviewed on iPhone)

Everybody loves a simple game. They have proven to be gaming gold over the years (Angry Birds, N+, Geometry Wars, Frogger to name a few) and now ZeptoLab (who previously brought you Parachute Ninja) have come up with a new simple puzzle game called Cut the Rope, which is available on iTunes for the cracking price of 59p! So is it any good? Read on to find out!

The game begins with you finding a mysterious box on your door step and inside it is a cute green candy demanding monster, who goes by the name of Om Nom. If this were real life you would probably just throw the box away, but as this is a game you investigate. Upon looking in the box (the first level) you find a piece of candy dangling precariously above Om Nom with, as the title suggests, instructions to cut the rope to feed him. You do this by swiping your finger across the rope. Not only do you have to feed Om Nom, you have to collect stars so you can further progress on to the next world or in the case of this game, the next box. From here on, each level has a new twist to keep you on your toes.

You have 4 boxes in total (each containing 25 levels) and as you progress with these levels, you constantly find new obstacles to overcome and new tools that enable you to feed Om Nom. For example, in one level you can feed Om Nom easily by just cutting ropes at the right time, but you can’t get all of the stars. To help get them you are able to use bubbles. This will then allow float the piece of candy up, collect the stars and eventually place the sweetie over Om Nom’s mouth. There are plenty more challenges that await you as you get further into it, ranging from easy to quite difficult, but these varying difficulties make it a very fun and satisfying simple game.

Three lovely example of the levels in Cut the Rope.

Graphically it is very nice and well designed with cartoon graphics by nature but rich, colourful and brilliantly executed by the developers. Om Nom is quite cute for a green little monster! Sound wise, it has a quite relaxing score throughout. You also get a bit of satisfaction when you feed the sweet to Om Nom and you will probably find yourself mimicking his “noms”. In contrast to that, you will feel a slight pang of guilt when you miss your target and make Om Nom sad, so for goodness sake…get it right the first time!

The only bug bear for this game is that there aren’t many levels, only 100 in total. Even though some levels are quite challenging, you will inevitably pass the level to some degree, as you can pass the level without collecting stars, but in doing so you cannot open the next box world. There will be more levels coming out very soon, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for them.

Cut the Rope is a great little time killer. If you are on the bus or in a waiting room for example, you can have a quick go on this, complete a few puzzles and receive a great deal of pleasure in doing so. Although it can be a short game (depending on how good you are), it is definitely a cracker and quite addictive. With new levels coming out soon, the game will only get better and better. Get this game on your iPhone now!

Cut the Rope is available now on iOS platforms for the price of 59p.