FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Trailer

by on October 27, 2010

It’s that time again! Yes, it’s time for the now annual FIFA Ultimate Team download to become available, but this time there’s a twist. It’s free! The latest version comes with a few fan requested updates.

First up is the ability to pit that team you’ve spent hours assembling against a friend in the new play-a-friend online matches. Simply invite your mate to a lobby and find out who has the best Ultimate Team.

EA have also added the ability to access your Ultimate Team outside of the realm of your console of choice. You can now access your Ultimate Team campaign from the web through an enhanced Ultimate Team web app which links your experience on your console. The website allowes you to access full trading, auctions, manage squads, show-off your best squad to friends and search for coveted players in the auctions ready for when you get back to your console.

The ability to access players from your FIFA 10 Ultimate team have also been included. Players will be able to mix the players with the new all-star lineup and enter one of 23 dynamic solo and multiplayer tournaments in addition to participating in new updated tournaments weekly to test your club-building skills.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team will be available as a free download to FIFA 11 on November 3, 2010. Hungry gamers who previously played FIFA 09 Ultimate Team or FIFA 10 Ultimate Team—can start their FIFA 11 Ultimate Team campaign early by visiting www.easportsfootball.com/ultimateteam

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