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Dragon Age Legends Comes To Facebook

by on February 1, 2011

Calling all Dragon Age fans! For the first time the Dragon Age franchise will be available to play on Facebook. The game will be available by the means of a closed beta which starts today! All you have to do is sign up and, once accepted, you’ll be able to build your kingdom, earn loot and gain rewards, as well as conducting challenging quests. You’ll be able to recruit your friends and work together in taking on the demon hordes that await you and reap the rewards!

Developed by Electronic Arts’ game teams EA 2D and BioWareTM, Dragon Age Legends is the first game to bring an award-winning franchise and high-quality gameplay to social networks. Get your first taste of the Free Marches, Dragon Age II’s primary setting, while sharing Dragon Age Legends exciting combat, deep character customization and co-operative gameplay with your Facebook friends.

Players who complete specific goals in Dragon Age Legends will have the opportunity to earn up to five exclusive items which can be used in Dragon Age II. Additionally, players chosen to participate in the closed beta will receive the Jade EmpireTM inspired Death’s Hand Armor for their hero once Dragon Age Legends enters open beta.

When Dragon Age II launches on March 11, owners of Dragon Age II along with current Dragon Age Legends beta players can get a head start on playing the release version of Dragon Age Legends before it officially launches to the rest of the public later in the month by signing in with their EA accounts. Players who purchase and log in to Dragon Age II by March 15 will also receive the Dragon Age Legends BioWare Signature pack the next time they log in to Dragon Age Legends. This includes Hawke, the main character in Dragon Age II, as a companion, a bundle of in-game items to help accelerate their progress and an exclusive that will forever designate a player as a BioWare Signature member.

So if your interested in joining, the go to https://beta.dragonagelegends.com/ to sign up and dive into the action!

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