Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Reverie DLC Delayed

by on March 31, 2011

Although we recently brought you the news that Castlevania Lords Of Shadow DLC Reverie would be released this week, along with an artistic trailer, Konami have had to unfortunately delay the release of the add-on at the last minute. Konami producer David Cox yesterday announced via Twitter that due to a “last-minute issue” the team had to prevent the Xbox 360 version of the DLC from being released. He went on to say that “Sadly it’s delayed due to a last minute issue which we hope to have fixed shortly. Working with the Xbox team to resolve.”

Reverie is the first of two planned DLC packs for the game, and marks a return to the game’s climactic castle setting as Gabriel seeks to assist the recently-slain vampire Queen’s hand maiden. The download spans three stages, and offers a breath-taking twist to the game’s plot – and will segue into the next DLC pack’s stunning conclusion…

At the time of writing, the PlayStation Network version of the DLC wasn’t available for purchase either, so it may be that both add-ons are being held back for a simultaneous release. Godisageek will give you any news regarding a new release date as soon as it is available.

Reverie was originally planned to be available via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (for 800 Microsoft Points) or the PlayStation Store (£6.39) on March 30th. It has now been delayed, with no new release date announced.