Dead by Daylight is getting Dungeons and Dragons content, a 2 Vs 8 mode, and Castlevania characters

by on May 14, 2024

It’s always an exciting time to be a Dead by Daylight fan when the anniversary stream comes around, and this year the eighth anniversary was no exception. The roadmap for the next year of killer and survivor content hasn’t all been revealed yet, but there have been some hugely exciting announcements already.

The first of these (and the one that’s arriving in game soonest) is the Dungeons and Dragons content that’s coming to Dead by Daylight in the next update. Featuring a new killer in the form of the evil sorcerer Vecna, a new survivor who’s a bard, and a new dungeon based map that’s packed with loads of surprises for tabletop fans, it’s looking like the next chapter update of Dead by Daylight is going to be a must play one.

As excited as I am to get my hands on this content though, the announcement that I’m most desperate to get stuck into is the upcoming 2 Vs 8 mode. As someone who usually plays as a killer exclusively there’s no real way to play Dead by Daylight with friends, but soon the new chaotic mode with double the players will change that. With all new bigger maps, perks removed in favour of a class system to simplify things, and five killers available at launch, this new mode promises to be a less competitive experience and have more party game vibes instead. I cannot wait for it to arrive this summer.

The final announcement related to the main game of Dead by Daylight was just a small teaser, but a hugely exciting one. One of the later chapter updates of this year will be a Castlevania chapter. We don’t have anything we can speculate on other than the shortest of videos, but as long as I get to play as Dracula and take down the pests in my castle I’ll be more than happy.

I’m really looking forward to this year of Dead by Daylight now, and there are still plenty of blank spaces on the roadmap we don’t know about. It’s looking like the 2024/2025 year of asymmetric horror is going to be one we’re talking about for a while, so join me in playing very little else today.