Flippin Misfits bring zero gravity combat to Steam next month

by on August 3, 2022

A whole lot of games and content was announced at Behaviour Beyond today, but nothing caught my eye quite like Flippin Misfits. This zero gravity brawler combines Gravity Rush with a party game and features intense one hit KO fights, and is coming to Steam this September. I think this game looks seriously fun and I love the bright aesthetic. I can’t wait to sign up to be a misfit next month, and hope to see you on the floaty battlefield.

“Continuing to reach into new gaming genres, Behaviour announces the imminent launch of Flippin Misfits, a 2-4 player party brawler game set around a spaceship at the edge of the universe. In Flippin Misfits, players fight in vibrant and dangerous arenas, inside and outside the ship, where their combat and gravity-defying skills are put to the test. The gravity-swapping feature creates a 360-degree melee brawl that is unlike anything in the gaming world today. Attacks can come from any direction and any surface can be used – all this in a fun and funky environment where sci-fi influences meet underground clubhouse vibes. Players will not want to miss experiencing this game like no other – available exclusively on Steam this September.