Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Reverie Comes To Europe This May

by on April 14, 2011

Whether you fancy yourself as a warrior, martial artist, thief or a dancer, when Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie launches exclusively for the Nintendo DS family of consoles in Europe on 20th May 2011, there will be a character to help you hone your skills. This is the sixth instalment in the legendary and long running Dragon Quest series developed by Square Enix, and is a remake of the classic SNES turn-based role-playing game which has now been translated and exported out of Japan for the very first time for European players to enjoy!

You play a hero sent to defeat Murdaw, the Demon lord of Darkness, and will pit your battle across two mystical worlds; you must explore the worlds in order to unravel the mystery that links them. Whilst travelling across the lands, exploring new towns and wandering through dungeons, look out for the many enemies which will attack you without warning.

Whether you attack, defend, cast a spell, use an item or flee, you will need to keep your wits about you and, if successful, you’ll be awarded with valuable experience points. These battles are essential to help you acquire skills, strength and collectable items, including money with which you can buy better equipment.

There are nine basic character vocations to choose from, including Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Priest, Dancer, Thief, Merchant, Gadabout and Monster Master. The character can change his or her vocations at Alltrades Abbey. Each character also has seven attributes which influence their efficiency in battles – strength, agility, resilience, wisdom, attack, defence and style. Your style attribute can be increased dependent upon which items you equip and by increasing your style attribute, you can for the first time stun certain enemies into submission during battles, with your stunning style choices.

Instead of recruiting monsters you fight in the battlefield and use as controllable members of the players party, as you did in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, you now encounter different types of slime enemies in cities and dungeons that will act as non-playable characters who ask to join the party. These Slime characters can then be used in the Slimopolis arena for fighting in tournaments again other powerful monsters; in this arena you can win a variety of unique prizes.

Also, look out for the Slippin’ Slime mini-game, available to you in certain inns and bars in various cities you travel through. Use the Nintendo DS Touch Screen to play the slime curling mini-game and score points by sliding the stylus in front of slime to make it change direction or go faster.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Reverie will be released for the Nintendo DS family of consoles in Europe on 20th May 2011.

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