New Killzone 3 DLC Detailed

by on April 6, 2011

Guerrilla Games have just unveiled the full details of the incoming pack of DLC for their first-person shooter sequel, Killzone 3. On the game’s official site, it is shown that the pack will be entitled the Steel Rain pack and it will consist of two multiplayer maps inspired by maps from the single player campaign; Junkyard and Stahl Arms. Junkyard will be a Guerrilla Warfare map which sees Jetpacks and Exoskeletons clashing in a rain-drenched junk processing facility, whilst Stahl Arms is a uniquely styled Warzone map set on the factory floor of one of Helghan’s largest weapons manufacturing plants.

In addition to that, Guerrilla are also releasing a new patch for the title tomorrow (7th April), which will fix a list of bugs and adding support for custom online game creation. On the official forum, Guerrilla went on to say that “this gives players the ability to create private matches, and playing with and against friends or a rival clan for instance… people who don’t get an invite to these games won’t be able to join through matchmaking.”

Check out the details of what is fixed in patch 1.07:

Gameplay Fixes:

Bullet Damage and Faster Aim ribbon now unlock correctly
Separate turn speeds for ADS on Primary weapons in Multiplayer
Increased Accuracy ribbon effectiveness has been lowered
Bullet Damage ribbon effectiveness has been lowered
The 3rd person revive beam now shows correctly
Bilgarsk Boulevard – preventing players getting stuck at spawn location
Akmir Snowdrift – fixed a problem where the speaker object can fall beneath a piece of geometry
Fixed a crash when joining a Guerrilla Warfare Clan match
Blood Gracht – Fix for a hang when the Recon ability was used

Functionality Fixes:

Fixed a crash while joining a Warzone game
Player gets directed to multiplayer lobby when being kicked from game due to inactivity
Adjustments to reduce the server load

Exploit Fixes:

MAWLR Graveyard –Improved collision around one of the Capture and Hold locations
Kaznan Jungle – Added a blocker around a tree to prevent player to use tree to jump out of the level
Bilgarsk Boulevard – Removed invisible collision of S&D objectives in Guerrilla Warfare
Bilgarsk Boulevard – Prevent players from accessing an advantageous position (above the ISA Base) and climb out of the level

Single Player Campaign Fixes:

Scrapyard Shortcut – Mobile Factory – Fixed a hang to a red Debug screen upon the user reaching the Jetpack Troopers

Menu Fixes:

Added a “Mute all” button
Updated icons and text on the Medals statistics
Fixed clipped text for moderator messages
The Faster Reload ribbon now updates properly on the Personal statistics page
The Increased Accuracy ribbon now updates properly on the Personal statistics page
The Bullet Damage ribbon now updates properly on the Personal statistics page
Fixes a hang when accepting a squad invite on the final results screen of an online game
Fixed the Pause functionality in Botzone on the Class selection screen
“Squad menu” is changed to “manage players” in the menu

Move/Sharpshooter Fixes:

Button configuration improvements – Swapped L1/L2 grenade and aim
Melee is now on the circle button
Multiplayer – Aim Lock will now time out after one second
Camera turn upped while using jetpack. Lowered for mounted weapons

Check out the videos below for a sneak peak at each level:

Killzone 3 is out now on PlayStation 3. The Steel Rain DLC pack is due for release for download from 6th April in Europe for €4.99 and from 12th April in the US for $4.99. It’s free for PlayStation Plus members for the first month following release.